It’s Spring! Flower Projects to Celebrate May Faire

UPDATED WITH MORE RESOURCES! Our annual May Faire is a celebration of spring and of community. While our campus is closed, we have a plan to celebrate the hope and beauty of springtime together, in addition to spreading that joy to our neighbors, friends, and grandparents, who were supposed to be the guests of honor at this year’s May Faire (stay tuned for more information on that!).

Flower Crowns
At school, every student and teacher (as well as many parents) create flower crowns from fresh flowers woven into a ring of braided raffia. If you have an abundant garden at home or a stash of silk flowers to use, making a crown is the traditional way to celebrate May Faire. Our colleagues at the Pasadena Waldorf School have some wonderful suggestions for creating May Faire baskets and flower crowns, as well as other May Faire beauty, at home. Here’s another video tutorial for making a fresh flower crown with floral wire or headband.

Missing the raffia or floral wire? Here is a lovely tutorial for creating a finger-knit crown with fresh flowers from Cedarwood Waldorf School. Or you could try this Celtic-knot headband made of an old T-shirt.

Missing the garden roses? Try one of the flower-making tutorials we’ve recommended below.

Folded Paper Flowers & Recycled Paper Flowers
Tiny hands could help create these pretty accordion paper flowers, as well as the pastel-swirl coffee filter flowers from First Palette. Westside Waldorf School created this awesome video tutorial on creating a paper flower crown. If you have some more time on your hands, these recycled paper flowers from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride look amazing when complete.

For more elaborate bouquets, Origami Guide has a step-by-step guide to creating paper lotus flowers. Choose a piece of paper that won’t rip easily, and don’t worry if your corners start looking worn as you fold and fold: the result is lovely when the flower is complete. This video shows you how to create surprisingly pretty paper flowers using Post-it notes.

Draw Flowers
For younger children, this bubble-flower hydrangea project from A Piece of Rainbow would be fun and easy to replicate! Here’s a guide to drawing flowers from artist Kate Kyehyun Park at My Modern Met, as well as this step-by-step guide to drawing roses.

Use Wildflowers
Here is a video tutorial for creating a flower crown out of ubiquitous golden dandelion flowers.

You can also collect and dry wildflowers, or gather them for a May Faire basket.

Photo by 6th Grader Alina

What other creative ways can we celebrate the blossoming of spring? Please share your ideas for making flowers at home with us by emailing

Friday Cheer: A Waldorf Nook at Home

“We have been having a wonderful time at home discovering new ways of bonding as a family, and settling into a routine that honors everyone’s needs,” says preschool mom Elizabeth. “We have transformed a corner under the stairs into our Waldorf inspired area, which we call it “La casita de los chiquitines.”  Our children love spending time in their new space.”

Here’s a picture of the space before they transformed it into a children’s nook.

And here (drum roll please!) is the after …

When the children aren’t playing, “We have also been having fun cooking, singing, watching seeds grow, harvesting veggies and herbs from our small potted garden, watercoloring, making watercolor paints out of spices, and improvising puppet shows,” says Elizabeth!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing these amazing photos of your home!

Why Waldorf? Let Our Alumni Answer That Question

The capstone of our annual admissions Open House in January, the alumni panel is always a highlight of the day.

Listening to the experiences and reflections of a diverse group of graduates reminds us why Waldorf education is unique, and how it builds a foundation of creativity, independent thinking, and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

Here is the unabridged video of our 2020 alumni panel.

Are you an MWS alumni? We’d love to hear from you! Please email and let us know how you are.

A Teeny Tiny Story (in a Time of Social Distancing)

In this sweet story recorded by preschool lead teacher Ms. Sarah, the teeny tiny man’s picnic lunch is adapted to include social distancing from his dear bird friend. Even apart, the two friends find a way to enjoy their picnic together. In Ms. Sarah’s magical reading, social distancing feels cozy and heart-warming.

In a teeny tiny house, in a tall, tall tree
Lived the tiniest little man that you ever did see
Teeny, teeny tiny was he…

Listen to the whole story, read by Ms. Sarah, of “Teeny Tiny Man’s Separated Picnic,” below.

How are you adapting your favorite activities to social distancing today? Please share your stories.

Spring Crafts for Sunny Days at Home

At Marin Waldorf School, we celebrate spring in many ways, and it’s something we can all do at home. Here are some of the pictures we’ve received from families recently, showing their creative days at home, often made using household ingredients.

The spectacular spring basket pictured here was made by a Kindergarten family and is filled with quail and chicken eggs dyed with beet, blueberry and onion skin on a living chia garden nest. If you want to create a beautiful spring basket of your own, here is primer from Waldorf Today on creating homemade natural dyes and egg decorating. (Photo by Maggie Dawson.)

Ojos de Dios
Tissue paper window decorations

Felted animals and a spring table

What have you and your family been making at home? Please share! Families, send pictures and descriptions to Julie at