5th Grade Field Trip to Three Springs Farm

Last week, our 5th grade class went on a three-day camping trip to Three Springs Farms, a working biodynamic farm in Bodega Bay. As guests, the children were expected to contribute to the farm’s daily functioning during their stay. With the assistance of farm interns and owners, they planted flower beds and a row of radishes, they helped feed the animals, and they even created and tended to their own composting toilet. In addition to their farm chores, the students had the opportunity to explore the surrounding wilderness, gather for meals and campfires, and spend time playing with the many adorable and spirited creatures who live at Three Springs.

When asked about their memories of the farm, our enthusiastic 5th graders had a lot to share! “Bottle feeding the baby pigs” was one of Sofia’s favorite activities, while Lucas loved the goats who playfully jumped on the children’s backs. Gautham said he liked “snuggling with the baby pigs Benedict, Frittata, and Omelet,” and Sara told us about Fern the donkey, who “sounds like a fog horn and is an alarm for the farmers when there are wild animals around.”

5th graders also brought home memories of beautiful pink sunrises, roasting marshmallows over an open fire, playing hide-and-go-seek in the rain, a boar named Thor with fur that feels like quills, “Frederick” the compost pile, and much more. As the forecast predicted, there were heavy rains throughout the week, and the wet weather brought its own set of adventures and challenges for the 5th grade, from hikes in the rain to flooded tents. Rain or shine, our students showed up with joy and resilience, and the trip was a beautiful and deeply bonding experience for the children, their chaperones, and the farmers.

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