Camp Kindness

Created by our social ethics teacher Ms. Baxt, Camp Kindness was offered as a weeklong elective course for students and their families, preschool through 8th grade. The week was comprised of pro-social activities to build family and community connections, with the goal of contributing towards the health of others while actively living our values with our children. Says Ms. Baxt, “Kindness is contagious too.”

Each day of the week was dedicated to essential workers in different sectors: health care, sanitation, postal and delivery services, child care, and food supply chain. Check out Ms. Baxt’s recommendations for spreading kindness to food chain workers.

Tuesday: In honor of food chain workers

Remember that we can help share the good will by doing our mediation for these important workers.  Take a deep breath and focus your family’s thoughts on the workers,  “May these very essential workers be safe.  May they be healthy.  May they be happy.  May they, and their families, be at ease.”

Options (do one, or do them all)
1) Call your local lower cost grocery store to find out how you can donate some healthy snacks and send some notes of appreciation to their employee break room.
2) Sign-up to deliver or donate food for those in need.  Or scroll down for volunteer opportunities in food and in senior support.
3) Deliver notes to your neighbors’ mailboxes asking if they know somebody who needs help with groceries, errands, or meal delivery.  Don’t forget to include your contact info. Remember that research shows transmission does not occur through food — just use safe delivery practices.
4) Invite a “guest” for a meal.  Do you know somebody who might be lonely at home?  Invite them to join your family for a virtual family meal.  Think of some questions you could ask them to learn more about their lives.  This is a good spot to find great questions.

Here are some photos of Camp Kindness in action.

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