Article: “Opinion: This is not home schooling”

In a thought-provoking opinion piece from the Get Schooled Blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two University of Georgia professors, Stephanie Jones and Hilary Hughes, argue, “No one can (or should) expect the Covid-19 schooling happening at home to be anything close to usual, and perhaps this moment is providing all of us a chance to do something different: learn to be.”

Opinion: This is not home schooling, distance learning or online schooling.

By Hilary Hughes and Stephanie Jones for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Gov. Brian Kemp announced today that schools won’t re-open this year, marking a historic moment in time that none of us have experienced or imagined before, a time that will shape us all – and possibly education – moving forward. It’s a time to pause, take a collective breath, and learn to be in this new reality so our path forward is one that we can be proud of when we look back on it. 

What is happening is not home schooling. 

It is not distance learning. 

It is not online schooling.

There are philosophies and research guiding those ways of teaching and learning; theories and pedagogies that are enacted in intentional ways. So, we need to guard against using language that we already have about education.

What we are doing right now is something different. (Think “Hunger Games.” “Contagion.” “Grapes of Wrath.”) Schooling and its purposes can change in the blink of an eye when a society is in shock and crisis. 

So, let’s call this what it is: Covid-19 Schooling; or better yet, Teaching and Learning in Covid-19…”

Click here to read the rest of the article at the Get Schooled Blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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