Illuminating Main Lesson Books

In a recent distance-learning lesson created by our 6th Grade teacher Ms. Terziev, students received a step-by-step guide to creating a medieval-style title page (see above) for their main lesson books.

If we’d been a classroom setting rather than at home, Ms. Terziev would have presented the material during the morning main lesson, which starts every morning at a Waldorf school, and lasts about two hours. Main lesson subjects are taught in blocks of two to four weeks, enabling the students to focus intensively on one subject at a time — in this case, the 6th Grade is studying the Middle Ages.

Below, read Ms. Terziev’s lesson and see how she walked students through the creation of a beautiful title page in medieval style.

Good morning, Dear Sixth Grade! Happy Friday.  Here is the plan for today: 

1. Go outside and sketch your plant from a different place than you have previously. Be sure to note the time of day when you are sketching. Pay attention to what is going on around your plant. Are there insects, birds, other creatures? What is the soil like where your plant grows? Show the soil in your sketch. Show a little bit of what surrounds your plant. 

2. Get your colored pencils, ruler, graphite pencil and Page 1 ready at your workstation. 

3. While you are listening to the voice recording, complete the title page (see examples). 

4. Put the Code of Chivalry onto page Page 11. Format it like the one in cursive. Make a border of your choice and make the title in uncial font. I have added the words typed up in case you can’t read the cursive one very well. 

5. Journal entry: Which of your immediate family members (the people you live with) has the best manners? Describe. 

Step 1

● Make three, 1 inch channels for the words

● To the left of the three channels, make a box that is 3 inches on each side

Step 2

● Start adding designs to the “M”

● Make the letters double-thick

Step 3

Color in the letters

Step 4

I used all large pencils: red, light and dark green, blue, purple, yellow and metallic gold.

Shade the background with light blue. You can smoosh if you want.

The Final Page

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